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Deep Dive
We are your one-stop innovation agency for creative and web3 driven brand experiences.

We provide creative and technical services to enable new opportunities for you to interact and make business with the next generation of customers, using the next generation of the internet. Web3.

By creating customized apps, shops, drops, NFTs et al. We help you set the agenda for tomorrow’s world! One step beyond.
What do you need?


A web3 brand facelift


A plug-in metaverse for your own browser


A new corporate identity (puh, its been a while)

Creative technology

A workshop to discover your opportunities around branding and tech
Sarah Schlagenhauf
Adam Mann
Linus Inderbitzin
Ilija Gautschi
Walid El Barbir
Melanie Guenthardt
Jacco Püsmann
Advisory Board
Dr. Tobias Reichmuth
Claudia Bolliger-Winkler
Michael Hinderling
Stefan Gautschi
Richard Schäli
Art Advisory Board
Shaikh Rashid bin Khalifa
Sophie Neuendorf
Jonathan Levy
Nadine A. Ghaffar
Michelle Edelmann